Back Specialists

Chances are likely that you have some serious problems in your spinal region, when you are facing pains in your back that refuses to go away with conservative treatments like heat & ice, gentle massage, physical therapy or the application of anti inflammatory balms, it is high time that you got your pains reviewed through some back specialists. Your spinal cord contains nerves that are very sensitive and any damage to them can cause extreme discomfort and pain along with various other symptoms to your back.

At times these pains get even more pronounced if there is any damage on your back due to which pressure is put on the nerves in the spinal cord area. Back specialists are the correct persons to approach in such cases. These back specialists will conduct a number of tests including radiology to determine whether you need to undergo back surgery. Nearly every person experiences pain in the back at some period of time or the other. In most cases the pain may be just due to some cramps or muscular sprains. At other times they might be due to tearing of the muscle ligaments.

The back specialists are the main person to determine the causes of such pains and ascertain whether conservative treatments will help or whether a back surgery is required. If you have a pain in the back, you should first get yourself checked by a general physician and if he or she determines so, then you should go meet the back specialists. There are many different types of specialists who fall diagnose or undertake treatment of back pain and spinal conditions, and they include surgeons, physiatrists, anesthesiologists, neurologists, and rheumatologists.

At times the back specialists might observe that there is no necessity of surgery and they might refer you back to either the physical therapists or clinical psychologists. You should not forget that 95% of the cases that relate to pain in the back do not require surgery and can be cured by conservative treatment. The back specialists will check whether that pain is persistent over a period of a couple of months and is not responding to conservative treatment and also not responding to narcotic medicines and will then opt in for back surgery. Thanks to enhancements in the field of surgery, minimum invasive surgeries are being conducted nowadays by back specialists and these permit the patient to heal quickly.

A common minimum invasive surgery undertaken by back specialists is microdiscectomy which is required for herniated disc. However, there are occasions when this type of surgery will not help and in such cases other types of surgical procedures are required like posterolateral fusion which is required for degenerative disc disease. This type of surgery requires a longer healing time. The type of surgery that is required is determined by the back specialists. Basically back specialists are those who deal with pains in the back and related ailments. There are many back specialists in the UK and you can check out the yellow pages to find out back specialists located close to you.

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