Back surgery rehab

Back surgery is one of the toughest types of surgeries. Even though 90% of the patients who undergo back surgery do not experience post surgery problems, the remaining 10% do face problems related to the spinal region. They face pains and have problems in undertaking day to day tasks. The best way to get them out of this problem is through back surgery rehab. The physical therapist is employed to help patients get over the pains and traumas that follow back surgery.

It is amazing to note how simple steps like doing simple exercises in the confines of the home and the office helps to reduce such pains. These exercises are part of the back surgery rehab process which is undertaken by the physical therapist. At times, even simple maneuvers like applying an ice pack to the back helps to ease pain on the back post surgery in the spinal region. The physical therapist, in consultation with the doctor, will set out a certain set of exercise for the patient. These exercises are tailor made to suit the patient and are a part of the back surgery rehab program.

The physical therapist has to keep certain things in mind before they develop any training program for the patient who has undergone back surgery. While designing these programs there are certain things that need to be taken care of and they include the type of surgery that the patient has undergone along with the patient's tissue conditions and his body type. Muscle facilitation is a part of the back surgery rehab program and in this the therapists focus on areas where the muscles need to undergo special retraining in order to gain back their strength and also to provide stability to the back muscles.

A number of patients find it tough to balance themselves properly post surgery in the back and this muscle facilitation program which is a part of back surgery rehab helps retrain the muscles so that the patient can go about their day to day activities as they did pre surgery. One needs to undertake certain types of exercises post back surgery. There are some special exercises which are a must for back surgery rehab and they help the patient to eliminate fatigue and returning back to their active life as quickly as possible without undergoing re-injury.

These exercises also help the body of the patient heal from the original injury and at the same time also ensure that there are no future cases of back pain. In back surgery rehab, a special set of exercises is prescribed by the physical therapist which is tailor made for the patient. These exercises are developed keeping in mind the type of back surgery the patient has undergone and also keeping in mind his or her body type. The physical therapist who helps the patient with the back surgery rehab process will teach these tailor made exercises to the patient for a few days after which the patient can do them on their own in their home or in their office.

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