How to avoid back surgery

Though there are many different types of surgeries, back surgery is one of the most complicated around and many people try to avoid it. Not just the patients, even surgeons recommend their patients to avoid back surgery unless it is extremely essential and there is no way out of avoiding it. It is keeping these things in mind that you too should know how to tackle spinal pains and how to avoid back surgery. The first thing that you need to do in case you too are suffering from back pain is to get the opinion of a surgeon who specializes in back surgery.

He or she is the best person to tell you whether you can avoid the same. They might tell you about the severity of the injury and of the types of exercises that you can undertake in order to get rid of the pain. If you have any doubts about the recommendations of the doctor, you should get a second opinion from any other surgeon. There are a number of videos available on the net and they will explain you more about the exercises that you can undertake in order to avoid the trauma of undergoing back surgery. However, there are certain occasions when there is no alternative left but to opt in for back surgery.

Most people do not bother to check out what causes spinal injuries and thus fall an easy prey to them. Before you think of how to avoid back surgery, you should know what the possible causes of back injury are and try to avoid them. Even though our body has a capacity to lift a certain amount of weight, we often try to lift more weight that that and in the process we injure our spinal cord. We also indulge in dangerous extreme sports without protecting our body with adequate protective gear and in the process end up injuring our back.

The best way to avoid back surgery lies in identifying the causes of back pains and then trying our best to avoid undertaking tasks that lead to back injury. There are occasions where, despite our best efforts, we cannot avoid injury to our back. Most of us tend to ignore the initial pains in our back and keep on adding stress and strain to our back. In the process we aggravate the injury to our back. It is advised that you get yourself checked by a qualified surgeon the moment you feel any pain in the back.

He or she will recommend certain sets of exercises which will help you to alleviate the pains in your back and also tell you what to avoid so that these pains are not aggravated in the future. There are many yoga exercises that help to both stretch and compress the spinal cord and the muscles of the back. Undertaking these exercises on a regular basis will help you to keep supple the spinal cord and thus avoid back injuries. This is the best way to avoid back surgery.

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