Types of back surgery

We generally visit the doctor when the pain in the back refuses to subside. Most of us try out various types of treatment at home in the expectation that it will help curtail the pain in our back. Surgery of the back is not recommended unless and until it is absolutely necessary. In most cases, it is observed that basic exercises or yogic asana help us to get rid of the nagging pain in our back. It is a fact that all of us has suffered or will suffer from back pain at one period of time or the other.

It is estimated that only 5% of the cases of those who are suffering from back pain actually require surgery. For the others simple exercises or other types of non-invasive treatment are more than enough. In most cases simple treatment like application of heat is more than enough. At other times a simple course of pain killers might also do the trick. However, when all the above fail and, when one has decided to opt in for surgery of the back, they should ensure that they are getting the same done by the very best surgeon.

Like all other things of life there are different types of surgeons. Back surgery being an extremely complicated case, it is recommended that one opts in for the very best. Before opting in for surgery it is best that you discuss the treatment plans with the surgeon. There are different types of surgical procedures that are carried out on the back and a brief outline of each of them is discussed below.

Disectomy: This course of action is taken to remove a part of the disk resting between each vertebrae. One of the most common reasons for spine surgery is herniated disk. In this type of spinal surgery, the herniated disc is taken away to relieve the pressure on the nerves, thus providing relief to the patient.

Foramentotomy: This course of action is also taken to reduce pressure on the nerves. The difference between this and the case of the herniated disc is that the nerve is pinched more. In this procedure parts of bone along with other tissues that could be compressing the nerves at it exits the spinal column are removed.

Laminectomy: This course of action is taken to relieve pressure on the spinal cord itself. Conditions like spondylolithesis and spinal stenosis are treated using laminectomy. To prevent instability, this type of surgery might be done with spinal fusion… this depends totally on the amount of bone removed.

Spine Fusion: This type of surgery is done to take away the motion between two adjacent vertebrae. This type of surgery might be done to treat problems like unstable spine (spondyllisthesis). It might also be done because of the extent of the other surgery like a laminectomy.

Replacement of the spinal disc: This type of procedure is quite new and is quite uncommon. This option is undertaken to treat specific types of back pain and at the same time avoiding the issues related with spine fusion surgery.

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