It is strongly recommended to opt in for the best surgeon when one has finally decided to opt in for surgery of the back. Vertebroplasty is one of the types of surgery available for the spinal region. This type of surgery is required when there are breaks in the spinal bones which are also termed as vertebral fractures. These types of injuries create lots of pain and are generally observed in elderly people. Vertebral fractures are generally cased due to osteoporosis and vertebroplasty is the preferred means of surgery for this type of injury, though kyphoplasty is also used. In vertebroplasty bone cement is injected through a small puncture in the skin in to the fractured vertebra.

The goal of this type of surgery is providing relief from the pain caused due to osteoporotic compression fractures. Of all the different types of surgeries conducted in the spinal region, this one is the least invasive. The patient is usually administered local anesthesia along with light sedation for the surgical procedure. A biopsy needle is used to inject acrylic cement into the fractured vertebra. Once the surgery is completed, the hole in the skin made by the needle is covered with a small bandage. The surgeon makes use of a portable x-ray machine to help guide the needle. This is also one of the safest types of back surgery.

It is amazing to note the new types of processes that medical science is providing to us on a frequent basis. Till a few years back, most surgeons avoided surgery in the spinal region unless it was absolutely necessary. The fact is that hardly 5% of those who suffer from back pains actually require surgery. Though every person suffers from pains in the back at one stage of their life or the other, only a small percentage of them require opting in for surgery. Non invasive methods are more than sufficient for the rest of them.

Generally, the physician recommends pain reliever medications to the patient including anti inflammatory drugs. Apart from this the patients are also recommended to perform certain types of exercises that helps expand and contract the spinal cord. These types of treatments are generally more than enough to help out patients. Our spinal cord is a marvel of engineering and comprises of 32 bones that have supple discs between them. These bones and the discs in between them help us to stand straight and also to bend down as and when required during the course of our day to day activities.

During the course of one's life, there are chances that the disk gets damaged or moves out of its location. In moving out of its location, the disk puts pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord, causing immense pain to the sufferer. The only way out in case of such occurrences is surgery. There are different types of surgical methods available for the surgeon and one of them is selected after analyzing the type of pain and the damages caused in the back of the patient.

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